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Unboxing | Whatsitface Puppy Dog

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Kidstuff PR sent Nevaeh a Whatsitsface Puppy Dog. View the video below to see us unbox her plush stuffed animal.

While playing with her puppy, Nevaeh can change the facial expression of it to being angry, happy, surprised, sad, sleepy or laughing. Her favorite emotion for her puppy to display is "sad." Nevaeh enjoys consoling the puppy to make him feel better. :)

More about Whatsitsface®

The emotional plush with six faces! Whatsitsface® Teddy Bear, Kitty Cat and Puppy Dog are the perfect companions for your child. They are soft, cuddly and their changing faces offer endless SEL (social emotional learning) opportunities. Parents love interacting with their children using the plush toys to teach emotions during playtime, and for the children who have a healthy understanding of emotions, Whatsitsface® is the perfect toy for fostering pretend play.

Thank you Kids Stuff Public Relations for providing us with this opportunity.

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