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Prepare for your Mini Session

Here are some tips to help us prepare for your upcoming mini session! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need assistance deciding on what to wear.

Style Guide

Click on the Pinterest board links to get styling inspiration.

Christmas Casual

Christmas Formal

Christmas PJs

  • If you are doing the Christmas PJs on the bed, I suggest bringing your favorite Christmas book and holiday mugs/cups.


  1. Wardrobe Tips

  • Before purchasing new outfits, you should review your closet to see if you have anything that can be utilized for your session. Give yourself a few days before your session to plan and get anything additional for the family that you may need.

  • Consider getting your hair, nails and/or makeup professionally done before your session to make you look and feel your most confident self.

  • Instead of matching your outfits, aim to coordinate them.

  • Neutrals and simple plain colors work great when paired with accessory details.

  1. Relax & Have Fun The more relaxed you are, the more the rest of the family will be too. A mini session can feel a little rushed and sometimes chaotic with children who can be moody.

  2. Arrive Early Aim to arrive 15 minutes before your session begins, especially if you have little ones, always have a back-up outfit plan. Bring wet wipes and a Tide To-Go Stain Remover Pen.

  3. Prepare your little ones!

  • Ensure your child is well-fed, well-hydrated, and well-rested before the session. Avoid candy, soda, sugar before the shoot.

  • Talk to your child the upcoming shoot, about what the setting will be, what you expect of them, practice getting the “real smile” – by finding that phrase that truly makes them smile! Talk to them about having to stay in one position or one spot and being still. Practice this prior to your headshot session.

  • Plan to do something fun after your photo session as a reward. A promise to go to the playground, or go to the movies, or stop for an ice cream can be enough of a reward to help your child look forward to the session.

I can’t wait to capture these beautiful memories with you!

These portraits will make for lovely holiday greeting cards and wall prints!

50% off Pro Quality Wall Prints – Canvas, Acrylic and Metals. Prints and additional digital images are available for order a la carte. I offer print and design services from my professional print lab. If you would like prints, be sure to inquire about this service! I can even design your holiday greeting cards.

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