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Monthly Photography Subscription for Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Struggling to come up with photos to showcase your business? Allow me to provide your business with consistent content for announcements, advertisements, social media and website usage.

I know first hand that being a business owner is very demanding, and it is harder when you try to do everything yourself. My thought is - if you need certain tasks completed that would take time away from you running your business; automate or delegate it.

Samples of what we can capture for you with our Monthly Social Media Photography packages

Perfect for restaurants, spas, boutiques, salons, stores, home-based business owners, influencers and more.

Special, Introductory Pricing

Package 1 | $275

  • 12 high quality images

  • 3 unedited videos clips that you can post for reels

Package 2 | $350

  • 30 high quality images

  • 5 unedited videos clips that you can post for reels

3 month | 6 month | 12 month subscription contracts available

Incentive for longer subscription packages:

  • $5 monthly discount for 6 month subscription

  • $10 monthly discount for 12 month subscription


Edited promo videos

  • $175 for 15 second

  • $250 for 30 second

Graphic or flyer design

  • 2 graphics a month for 200

  • 4 for 300

Monthly Social Media Photography packages are the best value for your investment.

Hiring Janay Flowers Photography in San Antonio for a monthly social media photography package can be a great way to get more work done, minus the stress and expense of a full-time employee. Allowing us to create content for you, using our equipment and resources, allows your business to get much more value because you can save on shoot setup and equipment costs.

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