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Unboxing | African Dwarf Frogs from Froggy Lair

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Froggy Lair sent Nevaeh a Octagon BioSphere and 2 African Dwarf Frogs! View the video below to see us unbox these fun creatures.

The frogs bring Nevaeh so much joy! She enjoys watching them play in their BioSphere and loves when we feed them. I really like having them around too! The BioShpere cleans itself with the help of the bio-activated sand. We feed them twice a week.

Nevaeh has become quite the responsible toddler, and I am proud. We're still working on using "soft touch" with the frogs though, she gets so excited and gets wild with the frogs. :)

Froggy Lair Details

Froggy's Lair Octagon BioSpheres™ provide a spacious gallon-size habit for up to four African Dwarf Frogs. These Biospheres offer additional room for in-tank ornaments, to provide more character to the Biosphere, in addition to more nap areas for your frogs. Froggy's Lair Gallon BioSpheres™ include everything needed to setup the African Dwarf Frogs habitat.

BioSphere includes:

- Aquariums with Lid and LED Light

- 1 Food Pack with Care Instructions (One year supply each)

- 1 Bag of Bio-activated Sand

- 2 Bag of Colored Gravel

- 1 Bags of Decorative rocks

- 1 Live Bamboo Stalk

- 2 Frogs

Link to Octagon BioSphere - Neon Rainbow

Thank you Kids Stuff Public Relations for providing us with this opportunity.

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