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Föm Mania Foam Machine and Blaster

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We were sent the Fömalanche Foam Machine and Fömilator Foam Blaster from Föm Mania and Kidstuff PR! It was so simple to put together; it took a few minutes to insert the batteries and load the devices with the foam solution and water. The foam machine and foam blaster are 100% portable, so I brought them along with us to the neighborhood park. It was a hit with all of the children!

Whatever kind of foam this is, it's magic. All of the foam dissolved on its own after the children were done playing. The foam didn't soak Nevaeh's hair and clothing like I thought it would - so that was a plus! The foam machine produced foam for about 20 minutes, and then needed a refill of solution and water.

We will enjoy playing with these products throughout the summer. Thank you @Fom.Mania and for allowing us to experience the Fömalanche™ Foam Machine and Fömilator™ Foam Blaster!

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Interested in purchasing the foam blaster and foam machine, below are my affiliate links:

Photo album here:

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